BodiMetrics – Measuring Your Health in the Palm of Your Hand


By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer

bodi metrics 1There’s a new entry in the field sometimes referred to as the Quantified Self – the push to allow us to measure everything we do and everything our bodies do almost instantly.  Called BodiMetrics, this impressive device measures a number of body functions using a form factor that’s thinner than a deck of playing cards and about as high and wide as a credit card.  It’s being marketed in two versions, one to consumers for $249, and the other to medical professionals.  Its sensors measure a user’s blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG, pulse rate, and temperature. And like just about all fitness trackers, it has a built-in pedometer.  The pedometer measures steps, distance, calories burned, and speed.  BodiMetrics will record your data for up to 90 days.  And, of course, there’s a free app for it as well. For the moment, the app is only available from the Google PlayStore but the company expects approval soon for the iOS version.  As of now, the device is available from Bloomingdales. Because it uses an e-ink readout and not an LCD screen, the USB rechargeable battery seems to last almost forever.

I found setup to be a breeze.  The one thing you do need is a baseline comparison of your blood pressure from a ‘real’ blood pressure monitor.  BodiMetrics only measures one of the two blood pressure readings (systolic, not diastolic) and needs an established reference point to compare.  To measure heart rate, you need to touch three flat panel electrodes.  To measure blood oxygen you stick your finger into a sensor.  You can do both simultaneously by hitting the ‘Body Check’ function.  You bodi metrics appmeasure temperature by holding a sensor on the device up against your temple.  Using Bluetooth, I found it a snap to transfer all the data from BodiMetrics to the Android app.

BodiMetrics is a quick method to get a snapshot of how some of your body’s most vital functions are performing.  Pretty impressive, considering its size and the number of individual devices it would take to perform all of these functions.  Even though it is just coming to market, BodiMetrics has already won several industry awards.  One quick run through and it’s easy to understand why.


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