2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 7 – Gifts for Bikers


Earlier this year we launched our e-bikes sections, including a category called, “Get Into Gear”. We found so much terrific stuff for bikers ranging from helmets to socks that we decided bikers deserved their own gift guide. So here it is:

Bike ComputerGarmin Edge 1030 – This is Garmin’s latest bike computer and it comes with a boatload of features, far more than we can list here:

  • 3.5-inch bike computer with comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features
  • Trendline popularity routing uses billions of miles of Garmin Connect ride data to show the best on- and off-road routes
  • Preloaded Garmin Cycle Map provides turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alerts
  • New rider-to-rider messaging lets you stay in contact with other cyclists in your group
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours, extendable up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge power pack
  • This connects with Garmin’s Varia accessories including rear-facing radar, front and rear lights, and Varia Vision clip-on-glasses Head-Up display
  • Price is about $600 at Garmin.com or Amazon

Connected Lighting System – Garmin Varia UT800 – One of the devices you can pair with the Garmin Edge 1030 computer is the new Varia UT800. Garmin has dramatically redesigned its Varia light to make it smaller and less clunky. Once paired, Varia UT800 automatically adjusts its beam intensity based on speed and ride profile so you get more light when you’re riding faster while conserving battery power at slower speeds. It also automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions and battery capacity to extend your ride. It’s a high-intensity cycling headlight for urban and trail use that’s visible in daylight from more than a mile (1.6 km) away. The Varia UT800 projects a steady blast of 800 lumens for up to 1.5 hours and it has 5 light modes, including high, medium, low, night flash and day flash. Price is about $149.99 from Amazon.

Connected Smart HelmetLivall HelmetPhone – Livall was the first company to create a smart helmet with integrated safety lighting and integrated Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity and music playback. The company is now releasing this futuristic design, the Bling BH51 HelmetPhone that better integrates those functions in a very sleek package. It’s available directly from Livall’s online store for about $150.

Thermal CapPearl Izumi Barrier Skull Cap – It may be nice to have the wind whistling through your hair on a warm summer day. But in the dead of winter, the 20-degree wind that’s coming into your well-vented helmet can be no fun at all. The P.R.O Barrier and Thermal Dry fabrics provide lightweight wind protection, water resistance, and optimal moisture transfer. It is thin enough to fit underneath a bike helmet but will keep your head and ears warm on your next ride. Price is $30 from Amazon.

Innovative Tool Kit Silca T-Ratchet Set – No active cyclist should ever set out on a bike ride without a set of tools in case of an emergency. Silca’s toolkit features a multi-configurable, multi-functional mini ratchet tool with a variety of interchangeable fittings. The most notable aspect of this kit is that it has a reversible ratchet making it faster to complete your repairs and get back to your ride. Available for $50 direct from Silica.

Communications SystemGoTenna Mesh – When you are deep in the woods, or on a backcountry road, you don’t always have cell service. The GoTenna system allows you to create a mesh network with your cell phone even if there’s no service. Pair to your phone and create your own signal. GoTenna Mesh lets you send texts and GPS locations, no service required. Revolutionary mesh networking privately and automatically relays messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range; the bigger your network, the stronger your communications. You’ll need at least a pair to get started. Price is $178.85 from Amazon.

A Suite of KnogKnog Lights and Accessories – Knog is an Australian company that makes a line of attractively priced front and rear lights and other accessories that are cleverly designed and packaged. Here is a handful that we’ve been trying out:

An attention seeking, limelight snatching party animal, perfect for those darkened inner city streets and urban commutes. Blasting out a super-bright 80 lumens of light at the front and 44 at the rear this bright bike light ensures that you’ll be lit up like a beacon to all other road users up to 1.2 Km’s away. Incorporating 16 surface mounted LEDs as well as a reflective faceplate, long battery life and a beam angle of 90° (not to mention the 5 different light modes) you’re guaranteed to light up the path no matter where you ride. Price is $84.95 from Amazon.

This tail light from Knog has got your back, or rather the back of your bike. With side illumination and dual and constant flash modes, this bike light is designed to make you feel safer at night and in other dark circumstances. It is waterproof, dustproof, and lightweight. The light is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery with a storage mode to save battery life and a low battery indicator so you aren’t caught in the dark in the middle of your next ride. With a USB stick built in, this light is extremely easy to recharge at any time. Its light output is up to 70 lumens and runs 3.5 hours on the steady light mode. Get it from Amazon for $59.95.

This high power headlight isn’t like any another bike light. Knog’s PWR line is a group of bike and outdoor tools designed to share their battery as a power bank to charge your other devices. This means it can charge your phone, GoPro, cycle computer, and much more. It’s a system designed to be dual purpose with a primary focus on the light and secondary emphasis on the on-the-go emergency charging capabilities. This PWR Trail Light outputs up to 1,000 lumens and runs for 300 hours on Eco Flash mode. You can mount this on the handlebar or your helmet for optimal visibility. The price is $107.96 from Amazon.

This easy to use bell doesn’t look like a traditional bike bell. It is available in two sizes and creates a clear tone so others know you are coming. The Knog Oi has a simple design that’s easy to mount on handlebars. Not only does it sound good, but it looks good as well with its sleek and modern design. Price for either the large or the small size is $19.95 from Knog direct.

Waterproof socksShowers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks – Avoid soggy socks and cold wet feet the next time you embark on your outdoor adventure whether it’s cycling, running, hiking, or just getting outside. These socks are designed to feel like regular socks but are completely waterproof. The three layers consist of a wear-resistant knit exterior, a breathable Artex membrane, and a merino wool Coolmax FX moisture wicking anti-bacterial lining. Small/Medium size is $35 on Amazon in a variety of colors.

Leg Warmers  – Castelli ThermoFlex Leg Warmers – Warm legs are strong legs, so keep your quads toasty warm with Castelli’s leg warmers the next time you ride in chilly weather. Castelli claims that these leg warmers will help fight muscle tightness and discomfort when out on long rides in colder temperatures. As a cyclist, you know that your legs are your engine. Leg warmers will help protect your engine from the elements and keep your body in tip-top shape. They are made with soft thermoflex fleece fabric that will keep the heat locked in, but will remain breathable while you break a sweat. Get them on Amazon for just under $50.

Arm WarmersPearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmer  Arm warmers are an essential part of any cyclist’s cold weather kit. These arm warmers are made with thermal fleece fabric to keep your arms warm, as well as with water-shedding PI Dry technology to keep you dry from light rain or road spray. And they work well with short sleeve jerseys. The soft elastic cuffs on either end of the warmer allow for a breathable yet snug fit. Price is $35 on Amazon in a variety of colors.

Warm Biking JacketPearl Izumi Select Escape Softshell – Why should a little cold weather stop your favorite biker from hitting the road? The answer is: it shouldn’t. This jacket from Pearl Izumi will keep them warm, yet it is lightweight and breathable for optimal range of motion while cycling. The three-layer soft shell fabric is windproof and water-resistant while the thermal panels provide warmth and insulation. A single chest pocket and a single zippered back pocket allow for additional storage. A small is available on Amazon for $71.52 in a variety of BioViz high visibility colors.

Folding Bike HelmetPlico by Lid – This helmet is for the city biker on your holiday list this year. The Plico is a lightweight commuter helmet with an urban design allowing for easier carry and storage. While it is made with a focus on eliminating the hassles of carrying a bulky helmet, Lid has not taken away the safety factor typically associated with traditional cycling helmets. According to Lid’s website, their helmets have achieved safety certifications for European (EN1078) and North American (CPSC) standards. This helmet features a four-notch adjustable fit system to let the rider customize the fit. It’s made with eco-friendly materials such as recycled EPS. The price for pre-orders on Indigogo is $70.

Smartphone Handlebar MountQuad Lock Mounting System – A smartphone is good for so many things. Depending on the apps, bikers can use them for navigation, for mapping routes, for checking fitness goals and of course for listening to music and making calls. But unless you have a way of really securing that phone to your handlebars, the phone is almost useless. Attempting to use your cellular device with one hand with the other hand on the handlebars can result in some distracted cycling. The Quad Lock Mounting System is hands down the best platform we’ve ever tried with a simple quarter-turn twist and lock mechanism.  Available for $29.95 from Amazon.

Strap Locking SystemOttoLock  This ultra-light bike lock is a must-need item for any city biker on your list. Ottolock has created a lock that is stronger than your average cable lock but is more convenient than a U-Lock. It’s a lightweight, flexible, and compact strap that doesn’t require a key. Typical urban theft tools like wire or bolt cutters will have a lot of trouble when up against the Ottolock. Price is $60 on Amazon.

Biking JerseyPearl Izumi Elite Escape Jersey – Active cyclists will appreciate Pearl Izumi’s jersey made with Elite Transfer In-R-Cool fabric with Ice-fil to provide superior skin cooling. These advanced cooling fabrics help maintain proper body temperature while also keeping you comfortable in all types of weather. The jersey features a full-length zipper for easy venting from the front and direct-vent panels along the sides. Extra storage is possible with three back pockets and external stow pockets. Available on Amazon in a variety of BioViz high visibility colors and from Pearl Izumi direct for $63.75.

Waterproof Mountain Biking JacketShowers Pass IMBA Jacket – A waterproof lightweight hardshell jacket is essential for the mountain biker on your list who is ready to hit the trails this winter. This jacket from Showers Pass is made with an Artex 2.5 layer double charcoal print waterproof-breathable hardshell fabric. The reinforced shoulders protect the fabric from the wear and tear of backpack straps. While the jacket is specifically designed for mountain biking, its sleek fit can also be worn from dirt trails to city streets running everyday errands. Additionally, 5% of net proceeds of this particular jacket go to supporting the International Mountain Biking Association. Get it direct from Showers Pass for $199.

Biking GlovesPearl Izumi EliteGel Gloves – For many bikers, the first essential after a protective helmet is a good set of comfortable riding gloves. Gloves can help shield your hands from the elements and provide a layer between your palm and the handlebars. The synthetic leather palm of these gloves is durable and will provide a secure grip under any conditions. The inner palm design with EliteGel padding relieves pressure and eliminates chafing. They’re available on Amazon in a variety of colors or direct from Pearl Izumi for $35.

Tire InflatorsSilca Eolo Cartridges and Regulator  Carrying an extra set of CO2 cartridges is essential for any serious cyclist in case of an emergency flat tire. Silca offers the smallest spool valve CO2 regulator kit on the market. It comes with an Eolo III Regulator, two Ultra-Premium 16gm CO2 cartridges, and one Silca cartridge helmet. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves for a secure no-leak interface. Price is $30 from Silca direct.

Cycling Wallet – Silca Eolo Wallet – Finding a way to stash some of the essentials for a bike ride without adding bulk or weight is a challenge for many road and mountain bikers. The Eolo Wallet is a good way to carry your Eolo tire inflators as well as a small multi-tool, cash, credit cards, and tire levers. It was designed from the outset to fit into the pocket of most biking jerseys. Each bag is hand sewn from Silca’s proprietary Waxed Duck Canvas with reflective quilting, premium weather-resistant YKK zippers. It includes a unique, high strength 3M reflective tab which wraps over the top of a jersey pocket and attaches to the bag magnetically, adding over 1500 square millimeters of reflective surface to any jersey. Price is $39.00 from Amazon.

Hi-Visibility Panniers Ortlieb Front Roller  Panniers are perfect for the urban cyclist on our list who is tired of commuting with a heavy backpack or saddlebag on their back. Each bag is outfitted with waterproof, polyurethane-coated Cordura fabric to ensure belongings will remain shielded from the elements. The neon yellow and black colors with densely interwoven high-luminosity reflective yarn turn the entire bag into one large, highly-visible reflector ensuring safety on the busy streets of any urban landscape. Get it direct from Ortlieb for $220 for a pair.

Water Bottle and HolderFidlock Magnetic Bottle Holder – Hydration is key and most biking water bottles sit inside a metal cage.  They can be awkward to get at while you’re at top speed. The Bottle Twist combines a magnetic-mechanical mount with a bicycle water bottle. It completely eliminates the need for a conventional metal bottle cage. It can fit even the tightest bike frame and its flexibility allows for it to be positioned anywhere on the bike. Available from Amazon for $35.

Reusable Armored Tie StrapHip Lock Z|Lok  The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. A cutting-edge concept in security with a multitude of applications, Z LOK is sold in pairs and available in a variety of colors. Price for the 2 pack at Amazon is anywhere between $17.99 and $20.34 depending on color.


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