2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 6 – Stocking Stuffers


We’ve tried to give you ideas for gifts for everyone on your list, from 50+ ‘ers to millenials, to grandkids, and even super-seniors. But there’s always room for one more, right? Check out these suggestions for holiday “stocking stuffers:”

Media Streaming Roku Streaming Stick+ – Roku introduced a new line of streaming products this fall offering better performance and improved wireless reception. The Roku Streaming Stick+ comes with a voice remote that has power and volume buttons which will control compatible TVs. This eliminates the need to use a second remote. It has an easy to use interface and delivers more content than any other media streaming device on the market. The Roku Streaming Stick+ can deliver 4K Ultra HD and HDR picture quality if you have a 4K TV and fast Internet service. Roku has great search features including special 4K HDR apps making it easy-to-find the best quality content from Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and FandangoNow. This is the best streamer on the market and is good for travel too as it can be plugged into a TV in the hotel. Available now for $69.99 on Amazon.

Extra Juice – The Ventev Powercell 3015C is a 3000mAh battery with a USB-C cable that can be used to add as much as 12 hours of extra talk or Internet time to a phone whose own internal battery has run down, and there’s no time or place to recharge it. There’s also a model with a Micro USB cable for other phones and one with a Lightning cable to allow the same use for iPhones. You recharge the Ventev Powercell with a regular microUSB charger, not included. $44.99 direct for all models, or for various prices on Amazon.

Extra Storage For iPhone – Apple’s iPhones infamously don’t allow the insertion of SD memory cards, as most Androids do, but you can remedy that with the Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo, a little memory stick that goes right in an iPhone or iPad Lightning Connector so you can backup or directly save 32 to 128 GB of photos, videos or anything else. The “Duo” part is that the other end is a USB 3 port so it can be connected to a laptop too with the right cable. Comes with a holder that goes on your keychain. $59.99 to $119.99 direct or on Amazon.

Mount Up Kenu Airbases hold your phone in your car right in front of you with a strong suction mount on the dash or windshield. These latest versions give you a choice of how the phone will attach. The Airbase Magnetic comes with a small metal plate that you can either stick onto the back of your phone, or because it’s so very thin, slip it under your phone’s protective cover. The magnet is super-strong, holding your phone in place no matter the road. The Airbase Pro has an expandable grip to hold the phone by its sides. With either you can pivot the phone 360 degrees. $29.95 direct with free shipping, or on Amazon.

Hold It Right Air Kenu Airframes hold your phone in your car right in front of you by grabbing onto a driver’s side air vent louver. These new models hold tight and you have a choice of how your phone will attach. The Airframe Magnetic ($24.95) comes with a small metal plate that you can either stick onto the back of your phone, or  slip it under your phone’s protective cover (as we did). The magnet holds your phone tight even on rough roads. The Airframe Pro ($29.95) has an expandable grip to hold the phone by its sides. You can pivot the phone 360 degrees with either model. Free shipping when bought direct from Kenu.

Dry Clean Your Phone – Yes, that’s what you can do with PhoneSoap, a box that cleans your phone – we’re talking externally – using UV light. PhoneSoap 2.0 is made for today’s larger phones, like the Samsung Galaxy 8s and the newest iPhones. You can also charge the phone while it’s cleaned of all the germs from your dirty hands, and you will hear alarm & notifications amplified from inside the box. $48.99 direct in a choice of colors from Amazon.  There’s also a PhoneSoap XL for $119.95 that’s large enough for most tablets.

Make Your Own Cloud – Run out of room on a smartphone for more photos or videos? Offload them wirelessly from anywhere using the Kwilt Shoebox, a matchbook-sized device that connects to home or office Wi-Fi, and plug in a USB thumb drive or hard drive of any size, and save them there. It can playback from anywhere as well and there are no cloud storage fees. Power, USB and HDMI adapters are included, but storage devices are not. $49.99 direct.

Cold ComfortContigo 24 ounce Autoseal Chill water bottle – We’re told that staying hydrated is an important part of healthy living. This Contiguo AutoSeal water bottle can be a big help. We’ve taken it out on long bike rides in mid-summer, and enjoyed cold, not just cool, H2O every step of the way. Contigo claims you’ll be able to keep your cool for up to 28 hours. It is self-sealing and is both leakproof and spill proof. Best of all, it’s designed so you can deal with all its functions using just one hand. It’s available in a variety of colors and sizes. Price at Amazon.com is $15.98

Marble Phone Cases – We must get pitches for more than a hundred phone cases every year, but seldom have we seen a designer case worth writing about. Mikol makes a series of phone cases that use real marble embedded in plastic to achieve some spectacular designs. They range in price from about $40 to almost $700 (pictured here). But if your 50+ likes to make a fashion statement, this is one way to do it. Available direct from Mikol.

Wireless Computer Lock – Gatekeeper has changed the password game for laptops, tablets, and notebooks. If you are tired of typing in passwords, often forget your passwords or fear outside forces will gain access to your devices, the Gatekeeper may be your answer. The security system claims to safely store all of your passwords and manages access via Bluetooth connectivity. It also monitors your proximity, allowing for automatic locking and unlocking depending on where you are in relation to your devices. Typing and retyping a variety of different passwords is now a thing of the past. The USB and fob design allows for easy setup and is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. The Gatekeeper 2.0 is available for $38.76 from Amazon.

Life Extension for Batteries – Batteroo Battery Booster – These guys have figured out that when your device says your battery is dead, it may not be that dead, it still has some juice.  Batteroo claims to extend battery life and maximize performance by drawing out previously left behind power in removable batteries. These are thin metal sleeves that act as a voltage regulator. Do they work? We’ve tried them on some batteries that we thought had given up the ghost, and got several extra weeks out of them. For $9.99 direct you can get a 4-pack for AA or AAA batteries and decide for yourself. $19.99 for C or D cells. Now they are also raising money for a rechargeable battery version.

Sock It To Me – SockGuy Socks – Socks have gotten to be fun, and the scores of designs from SockGuy are a big reason why. From short and thin to long and thick, there are socks here for any taste, except boring. Amazon carries a wide variety of the SockGuy socks ranging in price from less than $5 all the way up to almost $70. And of course, there are holiday appropriate socks as well.

Hi Ho SilverBalega Silver Socks – Athletic socks can make or break your workout. These Balega socks are designed to minimize friction while running and thereby eliminate blisters and chafing along your heels and toes. They feature a medium-volume cushioning along the toe region of the sock as well as a high heel tab. Antibacterial silver ions are woven into the fabric keeping your feet dry and odor-free. A variety of colors are available as well. $15 direct from Amazon.

Durable Penlight Flashlight5.11 TMT PLx Penlight  – Whether at the bedside, in pocket, purse, or car, having a reliable flashlight on hand is always a great idea. Its small size means it can fit anywhere. The flashlight casts a 40-meter cone of light and allows for up to 4 hours of runtime. Available on Amazon for $26.99.

SD and Micro SD CardsSanDisk – Whether it’s for a smartphone, camera, or hi-res music player, there’s a good chance everyone in the family can use some more storage. SD and Micro SD cards are compatible with a variety of cameras, laptops, desktop computers, and much more. Over the years we’ve had great experience with various cards from SanDisk. A 32GB SanDisk micro SD card is available from Amazon for $12.87.

Multi-Port Car ChargerThe Rapid X X5 Car Charger  Is there someone in the family who just can’t get enough automotive connectivity? The Rapid X X5 Car Charger comes to the rescue. This charger supports up to five devices with five USB ports and features fast charge technology. Available on Amazon for $24.99.

Wireless Earbuds – SoundWhiz Turbo W18B-P Wireless Sports Earbuds – This is a great stocking stuffer for the fitness buff on your list and is a real value given what they do and how little they cost. These wireless earbuds provide comfort and in-ear stability with sound isolation and cVc 6 noise cancellation. Available on Amazon for $28.87.


Biometric Locks – If you have travelers on your list, or even folks who just need to secure their belongings, Bio-Key has a new line of small locks that use fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth so there are no worries about keys or combinations. Available for $39.99 direct in a variety of colors and patterns.


Eyeball View – The Tamaggo 360LiveCam is an egg-shaped, hand-holdable video camera with a 360-degree by 220-degree field of view that can live stream or capture on a microSD card whatever it’s pointed toward, including sports or family activities. It has 4K resolution, a built-in touchscreen and connects both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are apps for both iOS and Android. Rechargeable and comes with a strap, cloth cover, and USB cable. $379 direct from Amazon.


Where’s the Darn… – Misplaced your keys, your bag, your laptop? That’s where TrackeR comes in, small tags or buttons that you attach to items, and with a smartphone app you can make them ring – and in the case of the TrackR pixel also light up – to help you find what you’ve misplaced. Uses Bluetooth, but when out of range their Crowd Locate network kicks in to help. Works with Amazon Alexa too. The plastic TrackR pixel and aluminum TrackR bravo come in colors and have free replacement batteries. $24 to $29 each at Amazon or direct, less in packs of up to 12.

Cable Carrier – All those power and other adapters & cables needed to carry around with a MacBook? How about the BookBook Caddy Sack, a zippered tote to hold a variety of MacBook accessories where ever the notebook goes. On Amazon $50 direct with free shipping. Cables, adapters & the little reindeer not included.




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