Adirondack Firestone – Simple Solution to an Ancient Problem


The calendar says Spring is starting. But here in the Northeast, Old Man Winter has been slow to release his icy grip. So in our house, we’re still running the wood burning stove to keep warm and save money. But starting a fire has always been challenging. Newspapers, kindling, fire starter sticks and bricks. And patience. No longer. This winter we used the Adirondack Firestone Firestarter and it has taken all the aggravation, frustration, and most of the wasted time out of starting a fire.

At the heart of the Firelighter is a stone on a stick. Well, not a stick but a handcrafted sculpted iron rod. You pour some of the included lamp oil into the ceramic pot that comes with the kit. You soak the stone, then you roll it around in fireplace ash. Then you ignite it, stick it under the pile of wood in the fireplace or wood stove and voila, almost instant fire. While the company suggests you soak the stone for thirty minutes, we’ve had excellent results just pouring the lamp oil on the stone, then rolling it in ash. This uses a lot less lamp oil.

The Adirondack Firestone Firelighter kit comes with the stone, the ceramic pot, and two 32 ounce bottles of lamp oil. If you do a lot of burning, you’ll probably need to buy additional oil. The Firestone starter kit, which includes the firestone, ceramic pot and top, and two bottles of lamp oil is $124.95. Additional bottles of lamp oil are about $10 each but go down in price if you buy more.

The firestone can be used to fire up fireplaces, firepits, woodburning stoves, even charcoal grills. It is almost absurdly easy to use.

The Adirondack Firestone shows that an improvement in technology doesn’t need microchips or batteries. Just smarts. Since the cavemen first walked the earth, humans have been looking for an easy way to start a fire. With the Adirondack Firestone, they found it.

This video describes how to use the firestone to light a wood burning stove:


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