Bikers – Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

For tech heads who also love cycling, there’s never been a better time to combine both interests. Bike-centric gear is constantly advancing and all about maintaining control, keeping in contact, and performing at your best. For our Holiday Gift Guide 2018 we’ve rounded up a list of products that are sure to make the cyclist on your list full of holiday spirit.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computers – Convenient Tech to Stay Moving: Easy access to GPS technology has impacted everything we do, but for cyclists, it’s a natural companion. The problem in the past has been that using your phone can be clumsy and specific GPS devices were hard to use. Wahoo has nailed this problem with their ELEMNT line of bike computers. You use their mobile app to set it up and go. The screen is easy to read in all lighting conditions and shows you only the data you want to see. The ELEMNT keeps track of speed, power, cadence, and more as well. Programmable LED lights can alert you to the notifications you care about and even when to turn. The original ELEMNT is $324 on Amazon. Wahoo Fitness sells the smaller, more streamlined ELEMNT Bolt for $250 and the smaller, less-feature packed Mini for $100.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018BONX Grip Communicators – The Ultimate Group Chat: For anyone that has a group of close friends they like to adventure with or just keep in close touch with, the BONX Grip might be a revolutionary leap in communication. It’s a little like a cross between a cell phone and a group chat instant messenger, where you have an instant, always-on connection to your people (as long as they all have a Grip). This is next-level group chat that intelligently switches on when you’re speaking and off other times, and supports up to 10 users in a party. It automatically finds a connection as soon as it needs to and is geared to compensate for unreliable signals to keep your group chat going. The Grip is reliant on your cell phone though but aims to make set up simple and usage seamless. $260 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Sena X1 Bicycling Helmet – Stay Connected & Protected: Cycling doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor, especially with this helmet. The X1 has Bluetooth tech built right in to let you listen to tunes or podcasts, get updates from fitness and GPS apps, and an intercom system that lets you talk to three other riders within about a half-mile distance. The X1 even has a built-in FM radio. Unlike earbuds, the X1 uses speakers, so you can actually still hear the environment around you for extra safety. The polycarbonate shell is designed to be durable enough to protect both the onboard tech and your skull. The Sena X1 is available for $200 from Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018COROS LINX Helmet – Smart Helmet, Bone-Shaking Sound: The LINX takes a slightly different approach to smart helmets. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to hear updates, answer calls, and listen to music. Where it earns its originality stripes is the use of open-ear bone conduction audio. Your ears are left uncovered, so you can hear what’s around you while the phone audio goes right through your upper cheekbones directly to the cochlea. It sounds like science fiction but really does work. The LINX also includes a separate remote for the handlebars, so you don’t have to mess around with controls on the helmet itself. The COROS can be found for $200 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Silca Ypsilon Home Kit – A Hardcore Tool for Hardcore Enthusiasts: Silca’s Ypsilon is the company’s custom Y-wrench and (for tool enthusiasts) nearly a work of art. The Home Kit comes complete with a lovely birchwood case to hold the wrench and 14 included hex, Torx, and driver bits. The ¼” collet includes a magnetic attachment to provide extra hold and the wrench is designed to have tight tolerances of the keys and bits, which reduces the problem of stripping heads. The steel spine gives the Ypsilon strength and durability, and the ergonomic shape makes it more comfortable to use. The Home Kit runs $115 on Amazon, although the Travel Kit (which doesn’t have the nice case) is a bit cheaper at $80.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Henty Wingman Backpack – The All-in-One Luggage for Bikers: This is the perfect backpack for people who bike to work, but don’t have a casual dress policy there. The Wingman is a garment bag and spacious backpack in one. This unique pack can hold your suit or dress, a 15” laptop, and variety of other daily necessities. It also has an inner tube heavy-duty dry bag with its own shoulder strap that can be removed and is ideal for wet gym clothes, dirty shoes, and other things you don’t want touching anything else. $200 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Iron and Glory Ride On – Portable and Cheap: Portable and good in a pinch, the Ride On is a pocket-sized bicycle multi-tool. Featuring a 7-in-1 design and a carbon steel and nickel-plating design, at less than 4” long, this is a cheap kit anyone can bring along. The Ride On comes with five hex wrench settings, along with a crosshead and flathead screwdrivers. It’s not the most expansive and versatile multi-tool on our list but is cheap and durable. Ride on for under $20 from Iron and Glory’s website.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Pearl Izumi Versa Softshell Hoodie – A Hoodie For All Seasons: The Versa Softshell is a hoodie that keeps you toasty and comfortable even in colder weather. This versatile hoodie features a drop tail hem and reflective elements to keep you more secure on the road and from unwanted back drafts. The Versa includes a zipped back pocket big enough to fit gloves and a zippered security pocket on the right-hand pocket. Lists for $175 on Pearl Izumi’s site.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Pearl Izumi Summit AmFIB Convertible Pants – Convertible to Match Your Mood and The Weather: Featuring Pearl Izumi’s patented AmFIB Softshell fabric, which offers warmth and protection, these are the biking pants for untrustworthy weather. As the name suggests, the mountain biking pants can go from long pants to softshell shorts simply by unzipping the legs. There are even ankle zippers that give you enough space to take the legs off without taking off your shoes. Convertible Pants are available on the company’s site for $225.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Peart Izumi Elite Escape AmFIB Jacket – A Winter Rider’s Best Friend: Made to help you tough it out in temperatures between 25-40 degrees, the Elite Escape is perfect for those who don’t want their biking to go off-track just because the weather chilled. Breathable with thermal panels to keep you warm, the Elite helps the sweat and excess heat escape without compromising comfort. The jacket comes with a full-length internal draft flap, zippered chest pockets, a zippered back pocket, water resistance, and reflective elements. The Elite Escape lists at $180 at Pearl Izumi’s site.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Bio-key Touchlock Bike PRO Smart Bike Lock – A Modern Take on the Old Bike Lock: Forget those old-school bike locks. Metal keys are so last century. Bio-key’s Touchlock unlocks with a touch or via Bluetooth through the mobile app. You program it to recognize your fingerprint and you’ve got modern biometric security for your bike. If you share the bike (or the lock), it can even store up to 20 different fingerprints. If you don’t want to go that route, the app allows you to just use a security pin number or even facial recognition. The Touchlock is $120 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Topeak ALiEN III Mini Folding Bike Tool – A Bike Tool Box for Your Pocket: Having the tools to deal with unforeseen repairs and adjustments is always a smart idea, especially when on the road. Topeak’s oddly-named ALiEN III is almost like having a pocket-sized toolbox. 25 different tools in a 4.5” package (when folded up). Allen and box wrenches, a chain tool, chain hook, screwdrivers, a mini-saw, tire levers, a disc brake spacer, and even a bottle opener are all within easy reach. The ALiEN III’s take-apart design allows for even easier access to its tool assortment. $65 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018Topeak Prep 25 Tool Kit – Your On the Go Tool Chest: A multi-tool pack for those on the go. Topeak’s Prep 25 features high quality, strong stainless steel construction, and 28 different functions to keep you on the road. Screwdriver bits, box wrenches, chain pin breaker, chain tool, Allen bits, tire lever, TORX bits, spoke wrenches, and more. It all comes in a mountable, durable nylon bag complete with magnetic bit holders. Check it out on Amazon for around $53.


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