SOLVED! Biking Goes Hi-Tech New Technologies For Two Wheels

We live in a society where science develops every day at an extremely high speed. Therefore, the equipment in life is also gradually changing to be more modern and quality, and of course, bicycles are no exception. 

Currently, manufacturers are focused on adding new technologies to their vehicles, and there are many positions they choose to integrate outstanding results from scientists. 

And several improvements have had a definite impact on vehicle performance and driver comfort. It can be said that this is good news for everyone who is using or has a passion for this type of two-wheeled vehicle.

Electric power

steering It’s great that now everyone can enjoy the joy of cycling instead of only those who are healthy enough to participate like before. Because of the appearance of electric boosters, the bike has one more mini motor to support the rear.

And in the slopes or complex terrain areas, the booster will become a practical assistant to reduce the pressure on the body. 

Of course, this part only partially supports you, and you can still enjoy the feeling of using force to move the pedal.

Over time, the booster also gets smaller so as not to interfere during pedaling. Besides, the amount of power consumed is also less while the battery is more, thereby increasing energy efficiency. 

It is thanks to the significant advances in battery research and development in recent times.

Enhancement in gearshift gear

In mountain bike models or high-end vehicle segments, we can easily recognize the appearance of gearshift gears on these types of vehicles. 

Usually, the gear set will have 27 gears or 81 depending on the design, but these mechanisms are pretty challenging to handle and take a long time to get used to. 

That’s why manufacturers are starting to work on higher-performance converters that are easier to use.

And it is true that some successful brands create gearless gearboxes with the exact gearshift mechanism but are no longer as stiff and difficult to manipulate as before. 

In other words, you can now freely change gears to increase or decrease vehicle performance but with a much simpler method.

Besides, bicycle models with electric power steering with integrated transmission are now also gradually appearing more. This combination will undoubtedly bring many advantages and additional performance to the E-bike models.

The navigation system and GPS

GPS and navigation systems are not new technology. But in fact, manufacturers do not use separate components but integrate them directly into the bike. 

Or we can understand that the bicycle itself is a giant locator and can guide itself without the need for a phone or other smart device from the user.

Integrated GPS technology is still in development and does not have many practical applications. 

However, from another angle, the auxiliary devices in navigation and navigation are increasingly developed thanks to technological advances and the contributions of other users. That’s why the accuracy is gradually improving, and the cases of confusion have since appeared much less.


Whether it’s a bike, motorbike, or bicycle, theft prevention is imperative if you don’t want your beloved bike to disappear and the money you’ve spent to own the vehicle. this.

Along with the development of bicycle technology, bicycle anti-theft technology also has many great strides that you cannot ignore. 

In it, we can mention the appearance of micro-tracking devices but possessing quite a high accuracy that you can use to control and track the vehicle in time of need. 

Even these products are so modern that they can sense unusual changes and notify the owner via an application on the phone.

More modern, we can mention the intelligent anti-theft systems built into the bike. 

By incorporating the hardware into the vehicle, all actions of the crook will not only be impossible, but immediately the alarm will sound as a warning. And like tracking devices, the built-in anti-theft also records GPS parameters and sends them back if you need them.


It is true that a lot of modern technology is appearing and is about to appear on bicycle models and waiting for us to experience. Hopefully, the article below can help you increase your knowledge in this field.

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