CamScanner Phone PDF Creator App Lets You Send Docs

camscanner2If you ever need to send a document quickly but there’s no scanner at hand, the CamScanner Phone PDF Creator App and your smartphone can save the day.

The app is available for Android and iOS, as well as Windows Phone platforms, and the fact that it has been downloaded a 100 million times proves its quality and practical usefulness.

CamScanner provides a great reliable service from your phone – by photographing the document, you can create a PDF file of your document and share instantly. Even if you take a crooked picture, the app straightens out the document for a clean, professional look. If you need a physical copy of the document, CamScanner links with nearby printers or fax devices to enable faxing documents to 30 different countries directly from the app.

camscanner4Whether you need to scan a license, certificate, note, invoice, or anything similar, it can be easily cropped, visually modified, and watermarks can even be added to protect your files. The scan quality is high and most users are very satisfied with the versatility and speed of the app.

One of the app’s best features is how it integrates well into social networks. Scanned documents can be easily shared with colleagues and friends via social media or emails. The documents can also be viewed in groups and comments can also be made by the users.

You might think that an app like this one demands an impenetrable security system, considering that the user might deal with documents that are private and utterly important. Fortunately, security is something this app does not lack – a password can simply be created for an important document. The user who has the link to the document has to enter the correct password in able to open it.

CamScanner enables you quick access to all of your documents on all devices – sign in to sync.

Since organization and time management is so crucial these days, the premium $4.99/month subscription may well be worth it because it gives you an additional 10GB of space and improved options. The free version of the app is ad-supported, and your scanned documents are automatically watermarked.

Today’s workplace is so time consuming, and generates so much (digital) paperwork. CamScanner is a powerful piece of equipment from your phone that saves time and makes paperwork less bothersome.




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