Can E-Bike Lengthen Life

SOLVED! Can E-Bike Lengthen Life? Things To Know

Currently, electric bicycles have become the indispensable means for each of us. It is a valuable investment you can invest in because each electric bike has a lifespan of up to 10 years. At the same time, the cost of an electric bicycle is not too expensive. It helps to minimize the effects of emissions on the environment, providing extremely high performance for your daily moving activities. Below Tech 50 Plus will give actual comments as well as comments that we have experienced.

Operating life of components in electric bicycles

One of the essential factors for e-bikes is their service life. Currently, many users often mistakenly believe that: “the life of the bike depends only on their battery.” However, the battery is not enough to judge the quality of an electric bike. 

To best judge the quality of an electric bike and the battery, you need to rely on three other factors: the motor, the tire chain, and the gear.


The battery is the most critical factor that you will not be able to ignore when considering the lifespan of an e-bike. Some batteries like Story Bikes will take about 45 miles before needing to be charged. In particular, the terrain, speed, and environmental conditions will affect the mileage of the e-bike.

On average, the operating time of an electric bike will range from 3 to 5 years. After this time, your battery will appear battery bottle phenomenon. It will significantly reduce the performance of the vehicle. In some cases, you will not be able to recharge the battery.

However, replacing electric bicycle batteries will not be too difficult and expensive because the manufacturer always provides replacement battery product sets for all their product lines. So when your batteries are underperforming, you can go to the Electric Vehicle Company and replace them quickly.


The engine is the part with the most extended life of all the components of an electric vehicle. According to surveys, an e-bike with a good quality motor usually lasts as long as the life of the ebike itself. With most engine systems that will be sealed and protected against corrosion, the factors directly impact engine performance.

Also, in some cases where your engine fails, you will need to replace it to ensure proper performance. You will need to contact the manufacturer and ask for their assistance with this task. A custom engine is quite expensive, and it can make you wonder about choosing to replace a new product.

Chain and Tire

Many people will often overlook the chain and tire details. However, in terms of the bike’s lifespan, these two parts are essential in assessing the quality of the vehicle. On average, chains and tires will last between 1000 and 3000 miles before needing to be replaced. It is estimated that after about 1 to 2 years of use, you will need to maintain these 2 details. In particular, cyclists who often go through mountainous and rugged terrain will often have to change new chains and tires. This period can be shortened to about 6 months.


On a bicycle has a long operating life as that of an electric bike. However, it can still fail and directly affect the vehicle’s performance. For example, when gear breaks, your chain system will not be able to function correctly. At that time, a series of troubles can happen to you. So, after about 3-4 years of use, you will need to maintain and replace this part. The cost of gears is not too expensive, so you can easily replace them at any time.

Tips To Extend Life

With an e-bike, it will not last as long as a motorbike. However, at this price, 10 years of use is a worthy amount of time for you to spend money to buy an electric bike. This period can be increased if you know how to take bikee of and maintain your electric vehicle regularly and adequately.

The weather is why your electric bike can break down at any time. In particular, with cold and snowy weather, you should limit the use of electric vehicles to ensure vehicle safety. In addition, it also helps to protect other components from rust – one of the leading causes of shortening the life of electric vehicles.

Besides, dirt can affect the moving parts of the vehicle. It will make the pieces work less efficiently. Therefore, you will need to clean your bike regularly. This way will help protect the vehicle and ensure the aesthetics of your electric vehicle.

As for the battery part, the best range for you to store the battery is between 40-80%, and the tire of the bike needs to keep a stable tension. Overinflating the tire will cause it to explode at any time.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand how to increase the life of your electric vehicle. Regular vehicle maintenance will help you ensure the performance and longevity of your bike. With about ten years of operating life, you can ultimately spend a small amount of money to be able to own an electric vehicle.

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