SOLVED! Cleveland Clinic Brings The Promise Of Telemedicine To Reality

If you don’t know, Cleveland is one of the best telehealth services available today. This project is implemented and developed for all citizens, and it has saved thousands of people from dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

Cleveland has linked and cooperated with most of the leading clinics, hospitals, and doctors to develop the service successfully. As a result, users will have the opportunity to experience excellent health care services without going directly to medical examination and treatment facilities.

Cleveland’s Evolution To Bring Doctor’s Office To Patient

The Cleveland project was started in 1997 under the direction of cardiologist James D.Thomas and his team. He received a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop digital ultrasounds to carry out this project. This set of equipment can be interpreted on the international space station ISS.

Although the project had an unexpected success, it was delayed due to a lack of facilities and manufacturing technology in the following years. After about 20 years, the Cleveland remote hospital project began to grow stronger as the technologies advanced.

Dr. Peter Rasmussen said: “Space stations and rural environments are places where telehealth needs to be developed. Because it has a distance, it is difficult to directly access a team of doctors and health care services in a short time.”

Over the past three years or so, with the advancement of technology, Cleveland’s telehealth service has reached an inflection point. It marked a significant turning point in developing healthcare services in particular and the medical industry in general. The service has been popularized in all areas across the United States, including remote rural areas.

The benefits that this utility service brings

According to statistics, about 1500 individuals per month have used synchronous video technology to interact with the Cleveland Clinic’s medical team and more than 5000 interactions in many other regions worldwide.

In the words of Rasmussen: “The medical gap has helped democratize care. Many patients will have the opportunity to access health care services online.

Even if you are not in the US, you can still access this convenient service.” As a result, users will have more opportunities to ensure health and safety and save a lot of time for health check-ups.

Currently, the main communication channel for Cleveland telehealth is Skype. But only with this communication channel will it be difficult for users to reach out during the off-call session. At that time, the operator integrated other communication channels, including email.

You can send X-ray results or electronic images to specialists and doctors from here. The expert will answer all information about the answer via your email.

Save more than 1500 acute stroke patients every year

According to Rasmussen, a surgeon at the clinic’s vascular center, “Cleveland is one of the best health care systems, with high efficiency, for all users.” Evidence shows that more than 1500 acute stroke patients annually are detected and supported promptly.

Patient networks are located throughout the United States, including remote rural areas. Then, you will not need to use the 991 support call, and the waiting time can be up to 40 minutes (too long for a patient with acute stroke).

Cleveland’s Limitations and Challenges

Although the technical problem has been solved, it is not thorough. With several services and activities, Cleveland still does not have the right technology solutions to meet users’ needs.

But, inevitably, the technological stagnation of the previous 20 years will certainly not happen. Experts are always trying to update with new technologies, contributing to improving the quality of Cleveland’s telehealth system. Therefore, we can believe that Cleveland will grow higher and farther in the future.


Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the Cleveland telehealth system. This system has contributed to saving the lives of more than 1500 acute stroke patients every year, one of the dangerous diseases that can be fatal if you do not take timely action. Therefore, Cleveland was born with an online 24/7 system, ready to provide solutions to help patients overcome their illnesses.

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