Dads & Grads 2016 – Part III – Gifts for the Super Senior Dad


Spoil your favorite Granddad this Father’s Day with one of these great tech gifts he’s sure to love.

hyperound 2Assistive Listening System for TelevisionHypersound Clear – Struggling to hear the television is one of the first signs of hearing loss, and simply turning up the volume can make TV viewing uncomfortable for the rest of the room. Hypersound Clear is a revolutionary system of emitters that reproduces the high end of the audio spectrum to drmatically improve understanding of dialogue and other effects. The emitters can be set up to send a concentrated beam of sound directly to one “sweet spot” in the room, so the amplification will not bother any one else in the room. The system is available for $1675 from these vendors.

epsonscannerPhoto ScannerEpson V370 Photo Scanner – This scanner will let Granddad save all his precious photographs and share them with the rest of the family. It creates high-quality scans of photos, 33mm film, and more and can send images straight to the cloud, email, or make a copy with the touch of a button. It also features photo restoration to bring faded family photos back to life. Digitizing photos has never been easier. Available for $100 on

61ykfRRMhGL._SL1200_Point and Shoot CameraSony CyberShot WX220 – If Granddad is the family photographer, he’ll be able to get crisp, low-light shots that just can’t be captured with a cell phone. The CyberShot features a 10x optical zoom and pocket-sized precision. He’ll also enjoy Full HD video recording and an Exmor R CMOS sensor that immortalizes moments with incredible detail—all in a package that weighs less than most smartphones. Available for $178 at

galaxynote5Big Screen SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy Note 5 – This top of the line smartphone from Samsung features a handsome aluminum frame, Corning Gorilla Glass for durability, and a super-sharp 5.7″ screen. What separates this phone from the rest is its built-in stylus, which will enable Granddad to take a quick note by hand right on the screen without even turning on the screen. In addition to Android’s Lollipop operating system, these features make it easier to see and navigate than many other smartphones. Unlocked version available on for $550.

grandpadSenior Tablet Computer – grandPad – Specifically designed for seniors, grandPad is a simple and secure tablet that makes it easy for grandparents to connect with family and friends. The tablet comes pre-loaded with large-button access to video calling, spam-free email, camera, family photos and more. With the grandPad, Grandpa will be able to play games, check the weather, listen to music, and send voice emails. The $60/month membership includes the grandPad senior tablet, wireless charging cradle and stylus, unlimited 4G LTE data connectivity, damage and theft insurance, support and training, and more.

jitterbugBig Button Phone With Emergency Services  Jitterbug Flip – Thoughtfully designed for no-hassle daily use, the Jitterbug Flip takes simplicity to the next level with features like big buttons, simple “Yes” and “No” navigation, a backlit keypad, and a powerful speaker for clear conversations. A convenient built-in camera makes it easy to capture and share every special moment and holds up to 1,000+ photos. With plans as low as $15 per month, it will be easier than ever for Granddad to stay in touch with family and friends. From the large buttons to the easy-to-use interface, the Jitterbug Flip was engineered with the unique needs of the simplicity-loving grandfather in mind. Available for $100 from

darker_7-8_Libris-smallerPersonal Emergency Response System (PERS) Numera Libris – This system comes with a cellular based PERS button and falls detection system that can also gather information from other medical devices. It also provides lightweight pendants that work with the system. Unlike other PERS systems, Libris connects wirelessly with personal medical devices to collect and share proactive wellness measurements such as blood pressure, activity information, and more. The data is uploaded to the cloud and can be accesses from any smart device. Find out more about subscription options and pricing here. 

lenovo-laptop-ideapad-300-17-cover-1Big Screen LaptopLenovo Ideapad 300 17” – With blazingly fast Internet speeds, superior sound with enhanced audio, and a large, vibrant 17″ display, this laptop is ideal for streaming music and videos. Granddad will also have ample storage space and memory to access all of his files, photos, and videos quickly and easily – perfect for everyday productivity and on-the-go entertainment. It also features a full keyboard and Windows 10. Available for $430 from Lenovo.

play1-blk-sideWireless Speaker SystemSonos PLAY:1 – This speaker system uses two state-of the-art digital amplifiers to deliver great sound to any room. The wireless music system provides pure, clean sound that is perfect for bringing room-filling music to a kitchen, bedroom, office, or anywhere else. Granddad will be able to access over 100,000 free radio stations, shows, podcasts, and more without having to connect to a computer. The system also works seamlessly with Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and a host of other streaming services. Available for $200 from Sonos.

ambientweatherWeather StationAmbient Weather WS-1171B –  Keep your senior Dad in the know so he’ll always be ready for any change in the weather. The wireless sensor installs just about anywhere to report on conditions in the greenhouse, garage, wine cellar, or any other place where proper temperature and humidity levels are crucial. The weather station’s main console displays a wide range of information in an easy-to-read format on a large LCD. The attractively thin console can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall. The handy forecast icons will let Granddad know at a glance if it’s going to be rainy, cloudy, or sunny based on barometric pressure trends. Available for $43 on

garmin_drivesmartBig Screen Automotive GPSGarmin DriveSmart 70 LMT – This dashboard system has everything you’d expect from a GPS and more. Granddad will receive alerts for upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, school zones, a fatigue warning, nearby red light and speed cameras and more. Dedicated GPS navigators display current street, current speed, speed limit and arrival time. Garmin’s system gives directions like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. And Bluetooth calling and voice-activated navigation will allow Granddad’s hands to remain safely on the wheel as he navigates and makes or receives calls. Available for $350 on

ihealth view newWireless Wrist Blood Pressure CuffiHealth View – Help Granddad take control of his health. Doctor trusted and FDA approved, this unconventional blood pressure cuff will give him fast, reliable blood pressure readings at home or on the go. The iHealth View is worn around the wrist instead of the upper arm and automatically detects and directs optimal arm position for precise results. It will allow Granddad to take blood pressure readings, view results, and store data with or without a smart device. Available for $75 on

qardiobaseConnected ScaleQardioBase – This smart scale accurately measures body weight, body composition (including body fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass) and body mass index (BMI) and can send readings right to Granddad’s smartphone. He’ll be able to set goals and reminders and to track his progress with charts and graphs. QardioBase fully integrates with the Qardio product family for heart health via the Qardio App. Available for $130 at

fitbitoneFitness TrackerFitbit One – Help Granddad turn fitness into a lifestyle with this clip-on fitness tracker. It will track his steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed during the day. By slipping the tracker onto the included wristband before bed, he will get information about his sleep quality and will help him learn to sleep better. The One syncs wirelessly with the Fitbit smartphone app so Granddad can see and share all of his fitness achievements with friends and family. Available for $75 on

sphearHi Resolution EarbudsFocal Sphear – These high-resolution in-ear headphones put those dinky earbuds that come with your phone to shame. They are compatible with all kinds of devices and are designed with comfort in mind for prolonged listening. They feature a universal remote for controlling music and phone calls and come with a full kit of accessories, including a carrying case, extra tips, and an aircraft adapter. Available for $150 on

cleerheadphonesNoise Cancelling Headphones Cleer Wireless Headphones – This is a great set of wireless headphones for the Granddad who still enjoys listening to his favorite music without disturbing anyone else. These won’t weigh him down like traditional heavy over-the-ear headphones. These sleek, aluminum housed phones are more substantial than earbuds and connect with his favorite music either through NFC or Bluetooth pairing. Available for $200 at



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