Ember – First Class Solution to a First World Problem


In the course of a year, we see a lot of gadgets. Probably close to a thousand. Very few are truly innovative. Some are useful. But the Ember mug is both innovative and useful. I will confess to being a coffee junkie. I like to keep a cup within reach from the time I start at my desk in the early morning, right through the day. But until now I found that every half hour or so I’d have to go back to the kitchen to put the coffee mug into the microwave to warm it up for the next stretch. No longer. With my Ember, I can keep that mug of coffee with me and keep it to exactly the temperature I want for the full day.

To the naked eye, Ember looks like a mug. However, lay it on its charging coaster and it comes to life. You turn it on by touching the Ember logo. It says “Hello.” How civil. Pour in a cup of coffee (up to 11 1/2 ounces if you want to leave room for milk). The dial at the bottom of the mug rotates to adjust the temperature. I like mine at 135º. If you leave it on the charging coaster, it will hold that temperature for the entire day. If you want to take it with you, the internal rechargeable battery is good for about two hours. And when you’re done for the day, just touch the logo and it says, “Goodbye.”

The lid on the Ember is a simple push down mechanism. It will allow you to drink from anyplace on the lid. Push it again and the lid seals shut.

There is an app so you can preset temperatures for your favorite drinks, but it works perfectly well without the app. The notion of an app for a coffee mug may be a little much for me.

The Ember will not solve world hunger. It will not cure cancer. But it will provide you with a consistently warm cup of your favorite beverage all day long. And that’s pretty good. Price for this little marvel is $149.95. It’s available online. Or you can find it at some select Starbucks stores (you thought maybe Dunkin’ Donuts?). That may seem a lot of money for a mug, but if you’re really into your coffee, select your own blends, grind your own beans kind of serious, then keeping your brew properly heated is just part of the experience.

Here’s a video that explains the Ember system:


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