Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport – Watch Your Workout

ProSense 307 GPS

You may associate Epson with printers, scanners and projectors, but it actually started out in Japan more than 75 years ago as a watch company and didn’t make its first printer until the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Officially, it’s the Seiko Epson Corporation, so it’ll be no surprise that it makes a line of workout watches, among them the Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport.

The ProSense 307 is one of a new line of Epson GPS watches running from $99 to $399 with different features including battery life, display and whether they are waterproof or not. The ProSense 307 is in the middle of the pack, with 20-hour rechargeable battery life, 240×240 “EasyView” display and can be worn while swimming. It’s big but not too bulky and has five buttons that control functions and settings.

The watch paired easily by Bluetooth with my Android phone through Epson View, which can not only be used to set the watch for different options – such as when it lights up – but you can change the watch face, keep track of your activities, set notifications, and even customize workouts for running, swimming, biking, and for those of us not up to more strenuous activities, walking, outside or on a treadmill. And that’s far from a complete list of options.

The Epson View app is also available for iPhone, Mac or Windows PC, and you can use it to link your workout data to a dozen other health & fitness apps, such as Google Fit. If you do run, walk or bike outside – and I suppose if you swim outside – the advanced GPS tracks you, and in your history will display a map of where you went with breakdowns on time & distance. Did I mention there’s an optical heart rate monitor as well, that the watch and app counts your daily steps and approximate calories burned? One of the manual buttons on the watch stops/starts a visible stopwatch, so you can keep track of yourself the old-fashioned way, without a phone app.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a dozen things the watch & app can do, but suffice it to say the Epson ProSense 307 GPS Multisport – or one of its cousins – is likely the only sports watch you’d need no matter have much or how little you work out. And I found it fairly comfortable on my wrist, too.

The Epson ProSense 307 GPS comes in black, blue or white and currently can be purchased directly from their site or from Amazon at $199.99, $50 off the “regular” price.

For the rest of the Epson line, the ProSense 17 GPS in black, green or pink is discounted to $89.99, but is not for swimming, has a smaller display, and uses a chest strap heart rate monitor. The $129.99 ProSense 57 GPS is like the 17 – not waterproof – but has a built-in optical heart monitor, and comes in black, green or red. You can spend more to get the ProSense 347 GPS or 367 GPS, each of which is a lot like the 307 but with 46 hours of battery life and mineral or sapphire glass, at $299.99 or $249.99 respectively, after that same 50 bucks discount. Those two are only available in black.

Epson has a promo video for the ProSense 307 GPS, but there’s no one in it who looks a day over 35, so why bother showing it to you.




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