Ever Want to Save Your Texts in Email? Now You Can


Sometimes a conversation thread is so important that you want to save it for later. Working out the plot of a book, working on a pitch for a project, texting important details back and forth. These are the kinds of things that you need to safely hold onto or transfer into an editable format. Email My Texts is a great application for this. No matter what the conversation, you’re going to want this app.

If you have a habit of deleting texts, only to realize later on that you needed those messages, you’re going to appreciate this application. Not only can you email your messages to yourself, Email My Texts also has the ability to upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, and most cloud systems. With a few quick taps of your screen, you’ll have a permanent record of those messages on the cloud – even if you accidentally deleted them later.

You can use this app to save quotes from clients and contractors for later retrieval or to set concrete changes to orders already underway. In a world of cyber harassment, Email My Texts can save abusive messages and harassment for use in legal proceedings. And with the ability to sort your texts by thread, date, and other categories, it becomes easy to find the messages you need.

For those worried about privacy, Email My Texts has you covered. The application doesn’t send your data through its own servers, so there are no copies kept off-site – the copies you receive are the only copies of the messages. There is also no reason to enter your email address and password, meaning that Email My Texts never has your sensitive information.

Email My Texts doesn’t delete or modify your original messages, leaving them in your inbox until you delete them yourself. It is recommended that you check you have received your email and filed it away before deleting the original messages – the last thing you need is to lose those important job details.

There are some limitations to the application, but they aren’t big negatives. You have to send your texts manually as emails, as real-time messaging would result in sometimes hundreds of emails a day – most of them probably useless. The emailed messages are also limited by the size of a standard email – you can’t email pictures, owing to two or more pictures maxing out the size limit of an email. What’s great is that you can email a thread, a particular contact number history of messages, etc. in one long email.

The application is available on most forms of mobile phone, and most networks. It is only available from the Android store, for a low fee, well worth the cost for the uses and peace of mind you will receive from it.

This video demonstrates how the program works, with apologies to Indiana Jones.



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