Gourmia Sous Vide Pod – Easy Immersion


Jump into Sous Vide Cooking Without Taking a Bath

by Gary M. Kaye and Lindsay E. Kaye

Sous Vide cooking is a slow cooking method that’s becoming increasingly popular through cooking shows such as Bravo’s Top Chef.  It pod2basically involves putting meat, fish, or chicken in a sealed plastic bag, then immersing it in a carefully temperature controlled bath.  This allows the food to be cooked at a lower temperature over a longer period of time.  The meat is cooked the same inside and out, and flavors are sealed in.  We’ve seen complete sous vide cooking systems priced at $500 and up.

51kJA9EGIxL._SL1500_The Gourmia Sous Vide Immersion Pod provides you with the ability to do this style of cooking at a fraction of the price.  It’s basically a long rod that clips to the inside of your own 3 to 5 gallon pot.  A back-lit digital display shows the temperature, which is controlled by a single dial.  We tried it with some chicken, which came out thoroughly cooked through, but still moist and tender.  The immersion pod is not a complete sous vide system.  It does not have a timer, so you’ll need to keep track on your own.  Though one big advantage of sous vide is that it is hard to overcook something based on time (temperature is a different matter).  You’ll also need a way to seal the food in a plastic bag.

Make sure the pot you are using is deep enough to fit the Gourmia pod, and that it has lip that will enable you to clip it on (most pots do).  You can find lots of sous vide recipes online.  Just seal it up, set your temperature, dump it in the pot, and you’re on your way to simple sous video cooking.  The Gourmia Sous Vide Immersion Pod is available from Amazon for about $120.


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