Guardzilla 360 – Johnny Carson Might Have Bought One

Guardzilla 360 HD Home Security Camera

Like to be all knowing and all seeing? Then you’ll like the Guardzilla 360 HD Security Camera which has an all-around view of the room you place it in, day or night.

Guardzilla 360 HD Home Security CameraThe Guardzilla 360 is their newest security camera and as just as the name says, it has a constant 360-degree view from the lens atop the 4-inch high pyramid. With the Guardzilla app on your phone, you can monitor your home at any time from where ever you can get an Internet connection, since the camera is linked to your home Wi-Fi (and of course it could be used to watch an office or other business location as well). The camera has night vision and 360 degree PIR motion detection – which means it only responds to the motion of warm objects, such as people, and as with just about every home security camera, pets.

When the Guardzilla 360 does sense motion, it will alert you on your phone and start recording a video, but they only store 8-second clips for two days. For longer storage with audio, there’s a cloud subscription service, $4.99 a month for 30 days of clips. And they offer professional monitoring for $9.99 a month. Guardzilla can also be configured to use IFTTT – If This Then That – a free service that will send an email alert.

Guardzilla 360 HD Home Security CameraAs I said, at any time you can open the app and connect to the Guardzilla 360 camera just to check up on things at home, and there’s full-duplex audio communication, so you can speak with anyone in the room. This way you can check up on a spouse who may have health issues, kids or grandkids, even say hello to Fido. Three small buttons on the Guardzilla 360 can be pre-set to send notifications to you or any 3 people you choose, when pushed.

When no one is supposed to be home, you can either manually arm Guardzilla, or let it arm itself automatically when you leave, and disarm when you return (it recognizes your phone using Geo-fencing). Should anyone else enter the room, it can sound a 100-decibel siren, while it alerts you of an intruder. And of course Guardzilla works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, among other Connected Home platforms.

As with most home security cameras, Guardzilla 360 has to be always plugged into power and your Wi-Fi needs to be working.

I found the Guardzilla pretty easy to set up: download the app and link with Wi-Fi; the device will announce when it is connected. Different color lights around the top will show you its status – green for online, blue when someone is live monitoring, and red when armed and watching for an intruder.

Because I had trouble getting a live picture with my usual test phone, an inexpensive Android, I tried it with four other phones, including my wife’s Samsung Galaxy and a pair of brand-new Lenovo Motos I recently received to review. I got live video on all but one of the Motos. I had a pleasant exchange with Guardzilla support and they are trying to figure out why.

The Guardzilla 360 HD Home Security Camera is $229.99 at Best Buy and several other stores & online sites.

Oh, why might Johnny Carson have bought one? Well, when he was starring on The Tonight Show, Johnny would drive to NBC’s studio in “beautiful downtown Burbank” in a Corvette with the California license plate: 360 GUY.

Here’s the Guardzilla 360 promotional video with your kids and grandkids:



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