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It seems as if almost every other package that arrives at our door lately is yet another home security camera for keeping on an eye on your home, things, pets and human loved ones – each with different specs (pun intended). While we’ve given several of them full reviews, here are some others for your consideration:

Arlo Pro 2Netgear has a bunch of different indoor/outdoor home security cameras in their Arlo line – apparently no relation to anyone who ever ate at “Alice’s Restaurant” – of which the Pro model debuted about a year ago. More recently there’s the Arlo Pro 2 which is definitely an improvement over the first version, in that it has 1080p HD, as opposed to only 720p in the Pro. They both work on 2440mAh rechargeable batteries, but can also be plugged into power if used indoors. The Pro 2 allows the setting of “activity zones” so you can create alerts for specific areas in the camera’s view, and has a 3-second “look back” so you can see what was happening just before the alert was triggered. Both Arlo Pro cameras have night vision, motion & sound detection, two-way audio, and you get up to 7 days of free cloud storage. They are weather-proof to IP65 and work with Amazon Alexa and other remote systems. These Arlo Pro models require a base station and can be bought in sets ranging from one camera & base, up to 6 cameras and the base, at prices starting at about $230. And there are accessories including outdoor mounts, skins and even a solar panel recharger. From Netgear directly or at Amazon & other retailers.

Arlo GoSeparately, there’s the Arlo Go line – which looks like the same indoor/outdoor home security camera – and in fact is very much like the Arlo Pro in terms of its technical specifications. The big difference: no base station required because the Arlo Go line works on cell networks from Verizon, AT&T or Netgear’s own Arlo data network. And where the Arlo Pro line is about $175 per individual camera, the Arlo Go camera is higher priced, currently $350 at Verizon with a 2-year data contract. Pricing may be different at other retailers.

EZVIZ Mini PlusEZVIZ makes several different home security cameras, including the previously reviewed Mini Trooper which is both weatherproof and wireless like the Netgear Arlo line. Among the others is the indoor-only EZVIZ Mini Plus which comes in black, white and for some reason, pink. This camera works on Wi-Fi and of course links to an app on your phone. It is full 1080p HD and has night vision, plus two-way communication, motion alerts and you can save videos on a microSD card, subscription cloud service, or to an EZVIZ Vault device. On Amazon for $55.

EZVIZ Mini OAnother inexpensive indoor-only home security camera is the EZVIZ Mini O, which has the motion detection, two-way talk, night vision, microSD card or subscription cloud recording, etc., but it’s only 720p HD. For that reason, the Mini 0 is a little less expensive, only $30 at Amazon. In white or pink. I shouldn’t fail to mention that like almost everything else lately, these EZVIZ cameras work with Amazon’s Alexa intelligent assistant devices.

D-Link OmnaOne home security camera that doesn’t work with Alexa is the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD which is made for Apple’s HomeKit system. This is an indoor-only camera with a 180-degree, 1080p HD view, motion-detection, night vision and two-way communications. The Omna can send alerts or show live video to apps on both iOS and Android devices and record video clips to an internal microSD card, sold separately. Under $150 from Amazon.

D-Link Mini HDIf you just want a simple indoor home security camera, there’s the D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera which is 720p, with motion & sound detection, night vision, and works with both iOS & Android apps for alerts and live streaming. The lens is 120-degrees, modestly wide-angle, but there’s no way to record the videos. Under $60 at Amazon or buy direct.


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