LG Smart Security and Zxyel Aurora – Looking Out For You


Some of the wireless security systems we’ve seen are clearly designed to watch your whole house, inside and out. But what if you live in an apartment, or just want to keep an eye on one part of your house. Here are two cameras that can do just that – although they are very different from each other.

The LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is designed to not look so much like what it is, a high-quality camera that can watch your home or apartment day or night, and alert you on a smartphone app if it notices something or someone moving around. Because of its design, the LG Smart Security camera can sit on a table or shelf and not be very noticeable (well, except for the power cable…) It has a 5-megapixel camera that covers 130 degrees and records in HD. The device includes temperature & humidity monitors and works on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, the camera listens for voice commands, so it can control Z-Wave connected devices, such as light switches and thermostats, while you are home or remotely with a smartphone app. You can set the motion detector sensitivity so it will record & alert you for a person, but not a pet living at home. For $20 a month you can connect the LG Smart Security camera to ADT Canopy for professional monitoring, with no long-term commitment as a dedicated home security system would have. For $10 monthly you can store up to 7 days of video footage. Under $200 at Amazon and elsewhere.

For some reason the Zyxel Aurora Cloud Access Camera made me think about E.T. – the movie extra-terrestrial. But no bicycle riding for this small home or apartment security camera, which has a 145 degree HD view, connects to your Wi-Fi and then to its smartphone app to record & alert you when it detects motion in its view. The camera has color night vision, so you’re not seeing just shadows in the dark. You can set the Zyxel Aurora to monitor only the days & times when you’re away, and even define a “zone” for it to pay attention to. The camera comes with a cloud storage account for up to 16 GB of videos which is pretty much a full week of all-day HD video. It can sit on a shelf or use the included wall mount, but of course, you’ll have to find a way to hide the power cord. The Zyxel Aurora will stream live action video to your smartphone app at any time, and it has a microphone & speaker so you can talk to anyone in its view. So I guess like E.T. you really can use it to phone home! Under $160 at Amazon.





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