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It was a stock scene in dozens of Cold War movies. The train coming to a halt at the unfriendly border. The agents going down the aisles of the passenger cars asking to see the travel documents of those onboard. Today things may be a little less frightening, but there’s still cause for concern.

On my first trip to Mexico, I had so many papers to keep track of that it drove me crazy. I needed key information for transportation, reps, and drivers, a folder for all my vouchers from the booking agent, and actual hotel notes about my stay and meetup directions from my friends. No matter how organized I thought I was, it was better to just use TripIt. TripIt is an efficient, powerful mobile app that allows you to have your very own digital planner at your fingertips while on the go.

tripit-screen-2You can download this app through iOS (including Apple Watch), Android (including Glass), BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 to access information like confirmation numbers offline anytime and anywhere. This is especially helpful when you are not near Wi-Fi or internet, which was often in Mexico. This app was made to facilitate all the hassles and usual frustrations people have when planning a trip. The TripIt app is also accessible from any device with a web browser.

TripIt gives you access to travel agencies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, air flights, railways, airports, and cruise lines. One feature lets you take notes, take pictures, and add links. It will give you information on the available times, dates, and locations and will even give you the heads up on your destination weather. You can also email and text any travel plans or trips to your friends or family. Like an extra pair of hands and a traveling assistant to remember everything, TripIt is a companion app designed to make your travel experience efficient.

tripit-screenshotAfter downloading the app, your itinerary for anything will be as close as your mobile device. You can even access your itinerary offline, while in flight, or to avoid roaming charges when abroad.

Gone are the days when I could remember my own phone number, let alone the numbers of the key people I deal with. However, if you need them in a hurry, you’ll have a big problem. TripIt allows the Traveler Profile to centralize the contacts you need the most while traveling so you can access them immediately. You won’t have to go through your entire contact list to get quick information.

A useful feature, the Traveler Profile, allows you to input and store documents for your fellow travelers, so everyone’s travel information is in one place. It’s perfect for when you reach the hotel lobby before they do. And it is safe too, as all Traveler Profile information is encrypted and a 4-digit PIN is required to access all documents and contacts. All you need to do is forward your itineraries to [email protected]. If you use Gmail,, or Yahoo Mail, it can import your travel-related confirmation emails automatically — no forwarding required. TripIt uses the details in your confirmation email to create a comprehensive master itinerary for every trip that you can access anytime, on any device. You can even check past travel for confirmation when those bills start rolling in.

Don’t commit to memory all the information your Traveler Profile can remember and manage for you. Have all your important travel documents ready at your fingertips without having to constantly fumble through folders. They offer a free and Pro version.

This video covers the overall app:

And this shorter video shows recent new features:


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