Omron EVOLV – An Arm Up On Blood Pressure Monitoring


There are many – and more to come – connected consumer “medical” devices out there, to help us monitor our bodies: fitness bands, smart watches, smart scales, and blood pressure monitors, the last one particularly important as we age because of the high risk of hypertension – high blood pressure – among older people, as well as risks from pressure that is too low and may lead to dizziness and dangerous falls.

Omron EVOLVOmron has been making consumer blood pressure cuffs for a while now, and their latest, the Omron EVOLV or BP7000 is one of the better upper arm cuffs, easy to use, and easy to transfer the readings to a smartphone app.

The EVOLV is powered by four AAA batteries, the first set is included, and then you download the Omron Connect app for Android or iOS, register an account, pair the cuff Bluetooth with your phone, and you’re all set. Wrap the cuff around your upper arm and press the Start button to take a reading.

Just as your health care practitioner does, the EVOLV gradually tightens around your arm as it takes your blood pressure and pulse, then releases and it can be removed.  In the app, you press to sync the readings, which are kept by date and time.

By the way, should you move while taking a reading, or if there’s another problem, the EVOLV will show you a symbol to “try again.”  And if it detects an irregular heartbeat, it will signal that too, and you should contact your physician or nurse practitioner about it.

Omron EVOLVOne good thing the EVOLV does is allow you to send your results by email to someone else, say a health care professional, but curiously although the app showed the email address I used to create the Omron account as the “from” address, when I actually sent a test reading to one of my other accounts, the “from” that showed in my email was “[email protected]” – meaning you need to put your name in the message so your doctor knows whose readings are shown.

You can also share your data with your Walgreens “Health Dashboard.”

By the way, you do not need to use the app at all, if you don’t want to, as the Omron EVOLV displays the blood pressure and heart rate readings right on the face of the device. The EVOLV is FDA approved and Omron says it Is proven “clinically accurate.”

Available in their online store for $99, as well as on Amazon, and it is also being sold in retail pharmacies.

Here’s their promotional video:



  1. Check the feedback on omrons software for this unit absolute crap!!! I cannot even connect the unit using bluetooth to any of my devices. Omron tech must hang their heads in shame on this one. Why haven’t they updated or repaired this software to work!!!!!


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