Omron Heat Pain Pro – Getting Hot & TENS Where Needed

Omron Heat Pain Pro

I’ve been going to physical therapy lately for a strained back – probably from leaning over a keyboard too much – and part of the treatment is being hooked up to a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) with a heating pad on top of the gel pads. My insurance only pays for a few more visits, but maybe I could do more at home with the Omron Heat Pain Pro.

Omron Heat Pain ProAbout the size of a thick smartphone, the Omron Heat Pain Pro charges up with a provided AC adapter, and then you use it disconnected from the wall outlet. It comes with pads & gels for two places, on your leg, arm, shoulder or back. The included instruction booklet – which starts out with 9 pages of “safety information” and contains many more important warnings & instructions in red type – shows you where to place the pads for different parts of your body.

Then you attach the leads that plug into the Omron Heat Pain Pro and choose one of three 30 minute programs. The first will send just heat to your aching muscles for 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of TENS stimulation. The second program alternates heat & TENS, heat & TENS for a total of 30 minutes. And the third program is just 30 minutes of TENS.  You can set the heat to a comfortable level and choose from 9 pre-set modes of TENS from low to medium to high rates of tapping, pulsing and rubbing sensations. You also get to adjust the intensity of the TENS level.

Whichever combo and settings you pick, the maximum therapy is 30 minutes, after which the unit shuts off, if you haven’t turned it off sooner. Omron advises to use their unit no more than 3 times a day and to stop using it if you have any skin irritation, burns or other adverse effects. And if your pain does not improve, or worsens, within 5 days, stop using their device.  Need I add: seek professional help for your pain.

After each time using the Omron Heat Pain Pro, there is a necessary cleanup and you have to make sure the gels remain in good condition or need to be replaced.

The device is intended only for temporary pain relief and you should be stretching and strengthening to have better long-term results or see a medical professional for advice.

The Omron Heat Pain Pro is $89.99 on their website or less than $75 at Amazon.

Here’s their video:




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