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Oska Pulse

If you’re someone with chronic pain – and frankly as we get older who doesn’t have some chronic or frequent pain somewhere: back, shoulder, knee – need I go on? And dealing with that pain includes many options: pills, physical therapy, chiropractic, yoga, surgery, or just suffer. Pain pills have led to an opioid epidemic in this country; surgery doesn’t always help; PT & chiropractors may not be covered – or covered long enough – by your medical insurance. And not everyone can do yoga.

Some people have found relief with TENS devices that send electrical stimulation to nerves. We reviewed a wearable personal TENS device last year.

Oska PulseHere’s something very different, the Oska Pulse, which looks like an oversized computer mouse but is actually a device that uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) which is said to help muscle & bone cells by promoting blood flow and easing inflammation. There are studies, by government researchers at NASA and elsewhere, finding that PEMF does help with bone healing, and veterinarians have used it for years on racehorse leg fractures.

The FDA now allows personal PEMF devices for “wellness”  or “lifestyle” – no medical prescription required – and no medical claims can be made. And that brings us to the Oska Pulse.

Oska PulseYou charge it up with a USB cable – supplied – but you’ll need your phone power charger on the other end. You then slip the Oska Pulse into one of two supplied elastic bands – larger for your back or shoulder, smaller for a leg or arm – and press a button to turn it on. You will feel nothing; no pulsing like a TENS device, nor heat. After 30 minutes, the device turns itself off, or you can stop it earlier. You’re supposed to repeat this 4 to 6 times a day at first, then fewer times as the weeks progress.

The Oska Pulse can be worn over your clothes and you can go about your daily business while wearing it, or just relax. A full charge is said to be good for 15 or more 30-minute sessions and the device itself for up to 4 years of regular use before the batteries go bad and the whole device would need to be replaced.

Does it work? It may do something. I tried it for a few days on my lower back before writing this, and while my mostly mild pain wasn’t gone, I sensed that it has changed a little for the better. The company is pretty clear in its literature – although not so much on its website or videos – that the Oska Pulse does not produce instant results and it may take some time to feel a difference, especially since the results may come in small increments.

On the website, there are dozens & dozens of 4 and 5-star “reviews” – maybe everyone has a good experience, or maybe the company just doesn’t post any complainers. A handful of 3-star “reviews” were mostly that the user wasn’t sure if it helped yet, same as me.

While the Oska Pulse is now sold on Amazon, as well as directly, there are no reviews (as of this writing) on Amazon. On the web, there are some reviewers who found the device did work for them and others who found no effectiveness at all.

The Oska Pulse is $399 direct and comes with a 30-day “money back guarantee.”  And if it makes a difference to you, it’s said to be Made In The USA.

Here’s their promo video – which says a 90-day money back guarantee – from back when the video was first made:



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