Retired and Doing Freelance Work? There’s An App For That


Juggling multiple freelance gigs? Get an extra hand and invoice faster!

Most people find it easy to create online businesses, or side gigs with their computers. With the rise of all of the internet freelancers, there comes a need to reliably track their working hours on various projects. Writers, editors, artists, illustrators, and administrators need an efficient and easy-to-use application that can be used to track time spent on multiple projects.

With the ability to group entries by timeframes, the HoursTracker app gives you the freedom to easily assess your use of time across days, weeks, or months. You can also examine how long a single project is taking to complete. In using this application on your handy mobile device, you can use location services to record time spent completing projects at specific places – great app for on-the-go workers like plumbers, electricians, and on-site freelancers, as well as small business owners interested in keeping tabs on the value of their time without a lot of messy paperwork.

With HoursTracker, you have the ability to tag your jobs and entries. With the use of simple labels, such as ‘paid’, ‘unpaid’ and ‘follow up,’ you will ensure that you complete the most urgent tasks first and make sure you are getting paid. You can tag a job and have all entries tagged, or just tag a single entry. Along with the tags system, you can also utilize filters to ensure that you only see certain tags when you need them. For example, when you need to know if a job has been paid up, or if it needs to be followed up or completed, you won’t have to rummage through all of your projects. A simple toggle puts you in control.

HoursTracker also has the ability to keep an eye on the clock for you. Heavy concentration can make it easy to lose track of time and spend too long staring at a computer screen. Set an amount of hours you wish to work and receive a notification when you reach that time, across entries and days, if needed. And with a fifteen-minute warning, this application will help you finish up without stopping in the middle of a brushstroke.

The edit feature is a plus because you can change the parameters of your jobs without affecting your entries, if you wish. You also have the option to copy an existing job, if you work a lot of similar projects, such as those by data specialists, IT experts, and commission artists. With the ability to change pay period and overtime settings without affecting your invoicing or altering your entries, HoursTracker is far ahead of the competition. And with an easy set of export options, including text or CSV format, this is a must-have app for all freelancers and small businesses.

Tired of spending precious time working out how much you should be paid for the work you’re doing? With a simple automatic calculation, you can easily see what clients and employers owe in regular, overtime, and net payments. This will help you invoice more accurately, leaving you with more time to get your job done.

Download a free copy of HoursTracker from iTunes and Android, and rest happy in the knowledge that you’re using the best time tracker mobile technology for the job.


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