Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Leaves Us Cold


Haven’t you been asking yourself, “Why can’t my home refrigerator have a 21.5 inch HD touchscreen so I can see photos of what’s inside without opening the doors? And while I’m at it, attaching photos and drawings from the kids or grandkids with refrigerator magnets, or hanging a calendar, or leaving a paper note on the fridge to buy some eggs, isn’t that so 2015?”

fridge2Well, luckily for you it’s 2016 and you can have the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator which has that big 21.5 inch touchscreen – and 3 cameras inside to automatically take photos of what’s there and display them on screen – and an electronic calendar, and a whiteboard notepad, plus the weather and family photos, a web browser, and built-in speakers so you can listen to music. You can even mirror your Samsung TV set from the other room, so you don’t miss a moment of the game/movie/sitcom while you grab a beer/more dip/leftover chicken leg.

But that’s not all. This fridge comes with apps so you can order groceries right on the screen, from Instacart, Fresh Direct, or other delivery services. It will show you recipes and you can control the temperature of different compartments, from deep freeze to just cool, right fridge-mobilefrom the screen. And there’s an app for your smartphone, so you can see those photos of what’s inside the fridge while you’re in the grocery store, in case you don’t remember if you need more eggs.

Is this something you just can’t live without? Probably you can. Then again, this very expensive Wi-Fi ready refrigerator – up to $6,000 depending on size and color – really isn’t for you. Samsung is marketing it as the thing to have for well-to-do young families whose lives can’t be lived without being connected to a screen. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the TV commercial.  


For the rest of us, it’s back to refrigerator magnets, Scotch-taped reminder notes, and having to actually open the doors to see what’s in the fridge.  

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator would make a nice house-warming present, though, for the grandkids. If you’re Warren Buffet.



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