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smart nora

There are already enough distractions in our lives to interrupt the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep adults should be getting; the last thing we need is a partner with chronic snoring. The sound of sawing logs causes the non-snorer to wake, oftentimes unable to return to sleep, so they nudge or poke their partner in hopes the snoring will stop. This leaves both parties sleep-deprived and tired. But Smart Nora aims to change that.

Chronic sleep interruption and deprivation can negatively affect long-term health, potentially increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, weight gain, and heart attack. Smart Nora claims to help eliminate snoring so you and your bedmate can start getting more sleep.

smart noraThe Smart Nora device consists of two essential parts: an electronic Pebble sensor to sit on a bedside table (it can also attach to your headboard if desired) and an inflation device to slip inside the snorer’s pillow.

Snoring generally occurs when the airways in the throat collapse due to relaxed neck muscles during sleep. Smart Nora detects early sounds of snoring and inflates to adjust the snorer’s head before the snoring becomes too loud to wake the bedmate. The small adjustment to the head is said to stimulate the relaxed throat muscles, returning the airway to its natural position.

The Smart Nora comes in an attractive felt case, making it easy for travel. The egg-shaped Pebble sensor is discrete and non-intrusive as it sits on your nightstand or headboard, and the inflatable insert is as long as a queen-size pillow.

One of the best aspects of the device is that because of the length of the insert it works well even for restless sleepers who tend to switch positions on their pillow throughout the night. There is a slight noise that’s made as the insert inflates or deflates, and the pillow movement is difficult to get used to for some, but most users adjust within a few nights.

Both the motion in your pillow and the level of sensitivity to snoring in the Pebble are customizable too, so you can set it to match your comfort. Low-level ambient noise, such as a fan or white noise machine, shouldn’t keep the sensor from working, though you’ll want to position the Pebble as far from the noise source as possible, as Smart Nora will react to the loudest noise in the room.

smart noraSmart Nora is sold direct at $299. This may seem expensive, especially because there are plenty of low-tech snoring solutions available for much less, but the 30-night 100% money back guarantee makes this purchase a lot more attractive. There’s also a one-year limited warranty. An iOS app is said to be on the way, to help track a user’s sleep.

One con is that for the Smart Nora to perform best, you should use only one pillow as you sleep; it might take some adjustment if you’re used to sleeping with several. The device also isn’t classified as a medical device, so it shouldn’t be used to treat disorders like sleep apnea.

If you’re looking for a solution to snoring that’s noninvasive and subtle, though, the Smart Nora could be the product to try. Think of it as a bedside butler who gently adjusts your pillow every time you start to snore, meaning you and your partner can continue to sleep in the same room without noise, and you won’t get poked throughout the night because your snoring makes the walls shake.

Here’s their promo video:


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