Thanks for the Memories – Part 3 – Google Photo Scan


Editor’s Note: Over the past couple of months we’ve been telling you about ways to save your precious memories, both through scanning and storage. Tech50+ contributor Diane Eschenbach has a look at a free, simple app that will do the job as well . 

photo-scan-1If you have cherished photos getting dusty, the Google Photo Scan App is the perfect, new application that allows you to save your old print photographs in a digital format, with no fuss and without having to buy any extra equipment to get the job done. With no external plugins or extra hardware installed, this application has convenient functions for you to use anywhere. From old birth certificates for your family tree, to the tattered, beaten photographs in your grandfather’s war chest, your phone becomes a portable scanning studio and archive.

There is a marked versatility to this app, because it not only scans old photographs, but it also stands up to scanning business and personal documents. From the gas receipt on that long-distance drive to the latest memo, this app has the ability to scan, store, and enhance those items. Receipt almost too faded to read? Scan it in and enhance the writing to darken it back up digitally. Too much glare from overhead lighting when you scanned the image? That’s fine, just adjust the settings and watch your image become whole again.  


photo-scan-2What I like is you can rotate and save scans for later perusal as well, with the ability to enter your images into different albums, as well as multiple folders. With the many different settings on the app, you can also turn those curled photos from your wallet into a flat, glare-free digital file, ready for re-printing, archiving, or sharing with family and friends as gifts.

You can organize your photographs with ease and attach keywords to make searching for that lost document a breeze. Need that receipt from last week, and can’t find the original? Simply input the details, and the Google Photo Scan App will find it for you within seconds. As long as you’ve entered in keywords when you scan the images, you have the ability to search and organize your photographs in almost any way you wish. Whether it’s birthdays, parties, business trips, or specific memories, sorting your images is now as easy as tapping your phone screen. Scan your old recipe books or Grandma Jo’s thousand page family history book.

The Google Photo Scan App also involves editing software, in case you find yourself wanting to turn Grandma Jo’s scrapbook into a presentation for the family reunion, or if you decide that the original photograph could do with a new filter, to really jazz it up a bit before posting to your favorite social media sites.

Easy to use and with no other installations required, the Google Photo Scan App is a keystone in both the scanning and after-scan care of your photographs. Paired with some precious memories and a fine dash of business efficiency, this app is the one you need to make sure you never lose another photograph or document again. You’ll help reduce your clutter and save the environment. The only drawback is that you will need to do your scans one at a time, so if you have a whole box full of pictures, you might consider an automated photo scanner. The Google Photo Scan App is available from both the Apple App Store and Android for free, so head out, grab yourself a copy, and get scanning!


  1. I’m still not clear how this works — does one roll the phone over the document or take a photo of it? Where is the document stored and can one search for it not only by keyword, but with an OCR?


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