This Collision Was No Accident – 2017 Edition Part 1


This year’s Collision Conference in New Orleans brought together hundreds of startup companies and scores of top tech industry luminaries.  While there were a number of apps and a couple of products that are suitable for the 50+ crowd, much of what we saw had an old, familiar feel.  For example, we saw at least a dozen companies over the three-day show promoting apps that claim to make tying your Electronic Medical Records together easier than ever.  But there were some things that caught our eye as being innovative and useful.

Reemo Wearable – This is a smartwatch aimed at seniors and their families that at first glance appears a lot smarter than most of what’s on the market today.  It has a wide range of functions that go well beyond activity tracking and really focus on health tracking.  It will also control connected home functions like the thermostat.  One of the best features is that it provides a continuous stream of useful data to caregivers and families. It’s being manufactured by Samsung, which has done a pretty good job of figuring out how to make smartwatches.

Virtual Reality –

There were a number of VR apps we saw that would be useful to the 50+ market.  Among the most interesting, a company called SeaHorse Live is launching a product called Squavel.  If you are or were a diver who can no longer dive, SeaHorse Live will send an underwater drone to a location of your choice with a full 360° camera rig to allow you to experience the dive you can no longer make.  You’ll be able to pilot the drone and enjoy the entire experience in real time. Here’s their introductory video:

Water, Water, Everywhere – That can be a problem when the everywhere is in your house, especially when you’re away.  Or if you have a second home.  The DRiY system from ArkLabs uses a system of smart devices to measure your typical water flow.  If something is out of the ordinary, it will alert you via an app.  But it will also shut off the water until you can get it fixed.  That could well stop a basement flood even before it starts.

We saw some interesting Travel Apps that we think are worth a mention.  Coomo Travel was one of several social interactive travel apps at Collision.  Members can create a detailed trip itinerary for any occasion with the ability for other users to provide recommendations and suggestions based on their own personal experiences. Members have the ability to purchase airfare, hotels and car rentals; essentially making CooMo Travel a One-Stop-Shop for travel.

Another travel app we liked was TripHobo which will ask you where you want to go and make suggestions about places to stay, including Airbnb, places to visit, and places to eat.  Tell it where you are leaving from, going to, and how long you’ll be there and it will suggest an itinerary for the entire trip.

An eBay alternative for collectibles.  A service called Collectorism offers an alternative to eBay for those looking to buy, sell or swap collections or even single unique items.  The site has a largely European database for now.  We saw items ranging from model railroad cars to beer bottle caps, posters, and comic books.  Fees are significantly lower than those on eBay.


How many times have you seen images on the Internet and couldn’t remember how to get back to them?  Or searched for a single photograph in your collection?  Atlas Recall does for images what file folders do for documents.  It can go through the images on all your devices, all your drives, and put them into categories so you can find them when you really want them.  The company put is this way, “Atlas Recall gives you a photographic memory for your digital life. Your searchable index of everything you see across all your devices and apps.”

We saw a boatload of medical, health, wellness, and fitness apps at Collision.  Scores of them.  But a couple stood out.  Forca integrates training, exercise, food, and supplements all in one spot.  It was developed to integrate with new technologies such as the Scio Molecular Sanner, a palm-sized device that can tell you the makeup of anything you eat.  It also integrates with the Smart Diet Scale and with the Apple Watch and Fitbit.  Forca will help you find a local trainer based on your interests, as well as analyze everything you are putting into your body.

Coordinating care for an Aging-At-Home parent is complicated.  Yes, there are tons of apps that try to address the issue.  iHealthHome uses a cloud-based software solution to try to keep track of all the players, and all the documentation involved in the care of the senior.  It is aimed at senior care organizations but claims it puts the cared-for senior at the center of the circle and makes family members a key part of the process.

We’ll have more of the most interesting takeaways from Collision in Part 2.



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