udoq – A Customizable Docking Station For All Your Mobile Devices


I’m sure this how it is where you live – or in the home of someone you know – multiple mobile devices, phones and tablets, each with its own charger, not necessarily using the same connectors, and chargers left in different rooms and places; on or under desks and tables, in drawers, on dressers, and always the question: have you seen my charger? Into this enter udoq.

udoqUdoq is a customizable docking station, made of aluminum, that can be configured to hold and charge just about any phone or tablet or other mobile devices, from Apples to Androids and Kindles. There are, of course, many types of docking stations out there, but some are specific to a phone model or brand, while others simply hold the phone and require manual insertion of the charging cable. Some hold multiple devices, but behind each other. The udoq is different in that all the mobile devices can be held in one dock of varying lengths, face forward, with the appropriate connector already in place beneath them.

udoqAnd you won’t need individual chargers, as all the cables plug into one included multi-port charger that fits behind the aluminum udoq.

The udoq is available in four different lengths, which you choose depending on how many devices, and their sizes, you need to charge at the same time: 250-millimeter, 400mm, 550mm, or 700mm. Designed in Germany, the sizes are not expressed in inches (they are 10 to 27 inches long) but no problem, you won’t need a ruler and a conversion table to find the size that meets your needs.

By looking at their US store site, you can see photos of each size and approximately what it can hold, with prices starting at about $110. But you can also go to a “configurator” on their site, which can be a little confusing to use, and by selecting the brand, type and model of your devices, it will help you choose the appropriate size udoq and the needed connectors and multi-charger. Depending on the size dock and the number of devices, the price can go as high as about $250 for 5 devices on the largest udoq, or more if, say you can squeeze as many as 12 devices on the 700mm dock and therefore need additional connectors.

udoqEach connector slides into a slot at the bottom of the dock, with the cable hidden in back to be plugged into the charger. But the cables come long enough (more than 4 feet) to plug the regular USB end into a separate charger or computer, if need be. The charger’s power cable is about that long as well.

There’s an accessory kit to mount any size udoq to a wall, a special charger cable for an Apple watch, and they’re promising a QI adapter, for so-called wireless charging (something does have to be plugged in…).

For now, all the udoq docking stations and accessories are available only through their website – make sure you choose the US-Shop – but they are expecting to make the pre-configured bundles available on Amazon soon.


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