Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser – It Works

Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser

There’s a new model of the Waterpik pressure washer for removing plaque that now includes a whitening feature. The $99.99 Waterpik Whitening Professional Water Flosser is designed to brighten your smile – without resorting to professional treatments or harsh abrasives and chemicals.

Waterpik Whitening Professional Water FlosserThe pro version has an adjustable 10-level pressure setting, an additional on/off switch on the wand, and a timer (the tank holds enough water for a 90-second scrubbing). Originally designed to get at the plaque that can build up around the gum line, you can use it with or without the whitening tablets that go into the handle. You receive 30 tablets with the Waterpik (a month’s worth); 30-tablet refills are $9.99.

The Waterpik Whitening Professional also includes 4 tips: a standard water jet tip, a bristle tip for crowns and other difficult-to-reach spots, an orthodontic tip for working around braces, and a narrow tip to aim at pockets around the gum line.

It works well with caps and implants, so you needn’t worry about dislodging expensive dental work. It’s also easy to fill; the water container lifts out for emptying and is dishwasher safe.

Waterpik Whitening Professional Water FlosserBest of all, the Waterpik Whitening Professional delivers on the promise of whiter teeth. After just a couple of weeks, I noticed a difference, and I was able to scrub away some problem spots where stains had adhered and resisted brushing for years. I drink coffee and red wine and have some teeth that are too crammed together for comfortable flossing. The Waterpik did the trick.

Just remember you need to use a standard toothbrush (electric or otherwise) in conjunction with the Waterpik. It isn’t intended to replace regular brushing.

The company warns about a break-in period for those with sensitive gums. Waterpik suggests starting at the lower pressure settings and gradually working up to a more powerful spray over the course of 2 weeks.

I never drew blood in my several weeks of using the Professional version. But I did find it took some practice to avoid spraying water all over the bathroom (warn your partner). Holding the wand lightly between your fingers and resisting the temptation to open your mouth while cleaning will keep things tidy.

My only complaint: I wish the cord were longer so that main tank could be placed farther away from the sink.

Is it worth the money? Yes, especially when you consider that electric toothbrushes can cost a whole lot more; the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is $180, for example. But if you want to save a little money on the Waterpik and you’re only interested in getting your teeth clean, there’s a basic Whitening model that costs $20 less ($79.99). All it lacks is the massage mode and timer. The Waterpik Whitening Professional model is listed as the WF-05, the less expensive is the WF-06.

If you travel a lot, there’s also a new portable Sidekick Water Flosser ($129.99). It doesn’t include the whitening feature and only has a 60-second tank. But it has a global voltage power supply and includes its own carrying pouch.

Here’s their promo video for the “Professional” model:


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