Wave the Stress Away From Your Accounting Life in a Breeze!


Receipts by Wave is a wonderful piece of software designed to help small to medium businesses with their accounting, recording, and bills, no matter where they are. After downloading the app, you can take a photograph of anything – receipts, invoices, tickets – and store them all on a free-to-use Wave account, ready for you when you need it most. The Receipts by Wave app has only a few small features, but when used efficiently, that’s all the app needs. The sleek, slimline features allow you to work quickly and effectively to maintain your records and help ensure you never lose your receipts again.

The ability to retain digital copies of receipts and invoices means that you, as a business owner, will never again have to scrounge through a disorganized box of receipts, searching for the one you need. No more paper receipts to get lost between issue and reimbursement, freeing up your accounting staff and maintaining the integrity of your petty cash supplies.

With the ability to upload receipts from other sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive, there are no longer any excuses for a staff member to misplace receipts to claim money owed – simply upload from any phone and sync with the Receipts by Wave app. This means that every team member can contribute to the invoice, bill and receipt collection, keep the business records straight – and enable your accounting department (or yourself) to get on with running the show.

Receipts by Wave is easy to use, as long as you set up your free account with Wave HQ. When paired with the free Accounting by Wave app, Receipts by Wave becomes a powerhouse of efficiency for your account keeping team. It’s easy to sync your apps to your private web app, and vice versa, allowing you to get on with your day without fear of a dreaded IT meltdown.

With the ability to create and manage categories, and assign documents and records to said categories, filing paperwork and expense records just became a lot easier. Tag any receipt with the date, expense, or staff member, and keep an accurate record on hand at all times, in case something goes wrong and you need transaction details quickly. With an easy search option and the ability to sort by date, Receipts by Wave will quickly save you a filing cabinet worth of space – and fit nicely into your back pocket.

You use Receipts by Wave by simply snapping a picture of your receipt or invoice, confirming the details of the transaction, and sending it on its way. If you have Accounting by Wave, you can also link the receipt or invoice to transactions that you’ve entered, such as paying for stock items, receiving money from a client, or examining your last quarter’s bills and statements.

The software will automatically recognize characters and letters in your receipts, including most corporate logos, and transcribe them for you, to store your information in a safe and attractive way.

Receipts by Wave is available from both the Apple app store and Android store for free, so get cracking today and take control of those documents!


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